“We hired you because we were looking for someone who was interested in us.”


That comment—from someone who interviewed us twice before choosing a financial planning firm—crystalizes who and what we are.


Our clients are successful individuals who:


  • Know that there’s more to life than money.
  • View money as a way to care for their children, grandchildren, communities and charities.
  • See themselves as stewards of their assets and are wise about how they use them.
  • Set goals that are as diverse as they are.


And us?


We’ve assembled an incredibly talented team—many of whom have been with Obsidian for at least 10 years. Each would be successful anywhere—especially in the financial world—but they’re at Obsidian. Why?


  • “It’s the opportunity to develop long-term relationships—no friendships—with really good people.”
  • “The culture at Obsidian is about finding, crafting and executing solutions . . . not about pushing products.”
  • “On paper, we create financial plans. In reality, we create peace of mind.”
  • “Our clients trust us to create financial plans that allow them to focus on their lives.


If you want to work with financial professionals who know that you are more than your balance sheet, you’ve found what you are looking for.


At Obsidian, we craft and execute the financial plan that allows you to focus on the rest of your life.