The Obsidian Family is Growing!

We are so pleased to welcome the team and clients of Integrated Financial Strategies, LLC (IFS) into the Obsidian family. We are confident that the alignment of values, practices, and culture between our firms will make this a win for everyone.

By bringing on the IFS team, including Jay Wilen, Anne Heydrick, and Jill Dunagan, we will continue to offer the highest level of service to all of our clients. We look forward […]

High Net Worth Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

High Net Worth Estate Planning

Are you a high-net worth individual? The answer can depend on whom you ask. Respondents to a recent survey thought $400,000 of liquid assets (the median average) qualified a person as having high-net-worth. The commonly accepted high-net worth threshold according Forbes and others in the financial services industry, however, is $1 million of liquid assets for individuals or households. 

Is estate planning really […]

The Business Succession Planning Checklist

The Business Succession Planning Checklist

When we first meet business owners in our financial planning practice, we typically learn that their businesses are their largest (or a significant) asset, and that their personal and business financial lives are intertwined. They’ve devoted their lives and savings to growing their companies, know that they won’t run them forever and want to earn a fair return on their lives’ work. They just aren’t sure where to begin. Sound familiar?

Succession […]

5 Actions To Take To Empower Your Employees To Succeed After You Retire

5 Actions To Empower Your Employees After You Retire

Making the decision to step away from your small business can be hard not just for you, but for the employees who are used to working under your leadership. They may fear that the company they love working for may change and leave them lost in the shuffle. Once you’ve identified a successor to lead your company […]

The Most Important Conversation To Have With Your Spouse Before Starting the Estate Planning Process

Important Conversation Estate Planning Process

Starting the conversation about your estate planning process can be one of the most uncomfortable and emotionally fraught moments in your marriage. A couple who has always managed money together well may suddenly find they have different priorities and expectations when it comes to their ideas about how to distribute the wealth they’ve accumulated over a lifetime. How do you handle these conversations with […]

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