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High Net Worth Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

High Net Worth Estate Planning

Are you a high-net worth individual? The answer can depend on whom you ask. Respondents to a recent survey thought $400,000 of liquid assets (the median average) qualified a person as having high-net-worth. The commonly accepted high-net worth threshold according Forbes and others in […]

The Business Succession Planning Checklist

The Business Succession Planning Checklist

When we first meet business owners in our financial planning practice, we typically learn that their businesses are their largest (or a significant) asset, and that their personal and business financial lives are intertwined. They’ve devoted their lives and savings to growing their companies, know that they won’t run them forever […]

The Most Important Conversation To Have With Your Spouse Before Starting the Estate Planning Process

Important Conversation Estate Planning Process

Starting the conversation about your estate planning process can be one of the most uncomfortable and emotionally fraught moments in your marriage. A couple who has always managed money together well may suddenly find they have different priorities and expectations when it comes to […]

5 Steps You Can Take Now If Your Business And Personal Finances Are Intertwined

5 Steps You Can Take Now If Your Business and Personal Finances Are Intertwined

As a small business owner, you need to make sure your business expenses are kept entirely separate from your personal bank accounts. Unfortunately, having intertwined finances can make it challenging to get a clear view of […]

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