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Obsidian Market Update 7/1/2022

Hello friends!


This has certainly been a week with a lot of big news, hasn’t it? While everything in the world feels volatile, you can remain assured that we are always keeping a steady hand on the wheel of your financial future.


The market is no exception to that volatile feeling. We’re monitoring things and adjusting portfolios […]

Obsidian Market Update 6/24/2022

Hi Friends!


It’s officially summer! We hope you enjoyed the summer solstice and the beautiful weather June has brought us thus far.


Let’s talk recessions.


At this point, we are sure you have heard all the talks about the potential for a recession- we even covered what exactly constitutes a “recession” in ’last. It’s […]

Obsidian Market Update 6/10/2022

Hi friends!

This week, we’ll look at the potential of a future recession (spoiler: no one knows), then think about how we can distract ourselves from uncertainty by sprucing up our homes on the cheap.

Are we about to head into a recession? It’s hard to say– some analysts feel that a recession is imminent, while […]

Obsidian Market Update 6/3/2022

Hi friends!


It’s June! We can’t believe it. The end of the school year, the official start of summer–there’s so much to be excited about.


We have researched some interesting data that shows advancing stocks are much higher than average lately. We hope that’s as good a sign as it appears to be! Nasdaq Dorsey Wright, […]

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