Weekly Market Update

Obsidian Market Update 12/23/2022

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Last we, we talked about the relationship between inflation and the Producer Price Index. This week, we’ll dive into the Consumer Price Index report- which will provide some insight into what has gotten more expensive and what has gotten cheaper. Then, we have some great news from the healthcare realm.



Every year, PNC calculates […]

Obsidian Market Update 12/16/2022

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This week, what is the producer price index and what does it have to do with the price of eggs? Then, need some help getting motivated for your workout? We got you covered.


The producer price index came out today, and it was higher than expected, which sparked a negative market reaction. But what is […]

Obsidian Market Update 12/9/2022

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This week, we’re taking a look at what the housing recession means for investors. Then, we’ll look at a new way to improve your sleep each night.


The housing market has been seriously impacted by rising interest rates. The Housing Market Index, which gauges the outlook for home sales, declined to 33 out of […]

Obsidian Market Update 12/2/2022

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This week, we’re taking a look at what the Fed officials are saying about the persistence of inflation. Then, we’ve found some great post-Black Friday deals for you!


We might have some tentative good news: the Fed thinks inflation may have peaked. This is great, but it’s not over yet. We may see some […]

Obsidian Market Update 11/18/2022

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This week, we’ll explore the effect of inflation on the stock market. Then, with holiday leftovers season upon us, we’ve got great tips for how to make your food storage last longer.


Over the past week, inflation numbers went down a little and the market went way up. As we know, this is why we […]

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