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Obsidian Market Update 6/10/2022

Hi friends!

This week, we’ll look at the potential of a future recession (spoiler: no one knows), then think about how we can distract ourselves from uncertainty by sprucing up our homes on the cheap.

Are we about to head into a recession? It’s hard to say– some analysts feel that a recession is imminent, while others don’t believe the economic data supports that. So what are the facts?

The May jobs report showed that 390,000 jobs were added last month and the unemployment rate stayed at a nice low 3.6%. It’s the weakest hiring pace of the past 12 months but it’s still a great number given everything going on in the world. With that comes the hope that the labor shortage is easing and inflation is starting to decrease. This data supports the Fed’s plan to raise the federal funds rate quickly to combat inflation. In short, the jobs report does not align with a lurking recession.

Opposing ideas about what’s going to happen with the economy are common. There are many schools of economic thought and no one has invented an accurate crystal ball yet. Technically, it takes a full in GDP in two successive quarters to enter into a recession- last quarter did see economic decline. So in the meantime, we’ll just keep doing our best to stay on top of the news and update you on what’s happening. Remember, we’ve always got your best interests at heart and will always review your financial plans and investments.

For some of us, playing around with home decor and upgrades is a fun hobby, but it sure can get expensive. We’ve got a list of ideas to upgrade your home decor on the cheap, so you can spend your money on other things while still scratching that home-improvement itch.

  • Upgrade visible storage containers. For instance, cute apothecary-style jars for things like cotton balls in your bathroom, or a nice-looking rope basket to store throw blankets in the living room. You can also find ottomans with lids to store things in, giving you a two-in-one piece of furniture.
  • Adhesive tiles for everything! You can find adhesive tiles for your backsplash, stair risers, and even flooring. There’s no reason to hire someone and buy expensive marble everything if you’re likely to want to swap it out in a few years anyway.
  • Add lighting–under kitchen cabinets, LED strings around vanity mirrors, fairy lights with photo clips for your kid’s bedroom wall.
  • Cute small touches like pretty vases (you really don’t have to spend a fortune on these, we promise), fruit bowls, and cord covers will help your house look pulled together.
  • Don’t forget the walls! The shelving options now are just about endless, so whether you’re into the floating shelf, the geometrical look, or something with a more industrial feel, you can add dimension to your home and display family pictures or your favorite knick-knacks with decorative shelves.

If instead of stickers and shelves, you’re hoping to do a major remodel, give us a call and we’ll let you know how that fits into your financial plan.

That’s it for us this week. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen when you’re outside, and we’ll be back in your inboxes next Friday.

How We Help:

As you know by now, we love to help you plan your future. But the best engineered plans don’t mean much if they’re not implemented, right? So in addition to planning, we also help you with the accountability piece. Financial planning can feel overwhelming, and that’s okay! It’s why we’re here–to break things down into small pieces and make sure things get done. We can schedule monthly meetings to check in and help you make progress to your next step and be sure that everything important is checked off your implementation schedules so that you’re set up for success. If you’d benefit from that kind of support, don’t be shy–just give us a call.

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