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Patrick Carroll

Obsidian Market Update 7/31/20

Obsidian Market Update 7/31/20

Obsidian Market Update 7/31/20

Good afternoon,

Over the past several weeks, we have introduced you to our team members and have loved the responses from all of you. This week, we thought it was high time you met their four-legged companions, so read on to see everyone’s furry friends after a financial update.

Thirty-year home loans are at historic lows, at an interest rate of just 2.98% (15-year loans are also down, at 2.48%). This means it is potentially a great time to buy a home or refinance. Also, the good news is that home buying is on the rise–an indicator of economic health. This is good news for buyers, sellers, and investors.

If you’re interested in refinancing and have a favorite loan office, give them a call, or call us and we can give you some recommendations.

In addition to home buying, the COVID pandemic has been a great time for pet adoptions, as more and more people are fostering and adopting animals to keep them company–and keep them busy–while they’re working from home.

If you’re looking for something fun to do outside, whether with your dog or not, check out the AllTrails app, which lets you search trails by location and filter for distance, difficulty, and more.

If mystery is more your speed, Randonautica is a quantumly generated choose your own adventure game that will get you out of the house and exploring your town in a new way.

Atlas Obscura has a terrific list of 131 cool, hidden, and unusual things to do in Maryland. Many of them, like the Enchanted Forest Pine Tree Maze, are outdoors and COVID-friendly.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: a whole bunch of animals – enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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