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Patrick Carroll

Obsidian Market Update 7/17/20

Good afternoon,

This week we have seen stocks continue to hit new heights. Of interest to Tesla fans, their stock has risen astronomically this year. It was starting at $430 per share and now at $1,482 per share. Anyone with stock in Tesla might be able to afford to own one! (This is not a recommendation to buy this stock.)

In fun news, ​Hamilton​ is now available for streaming on Disney+. This hip hop musical about the Revolutionary war era is wildly popular and great for all ages. If you need something uplifting, YouTube has fun videos with cast superstars ​Daveed Diggs​, ​Leslie Odom Jr.​, ​Renée Elise Goldsberry​, and ​the whole Broadway cast​. And if you and your kids love Calvin and Hobbes, you won’t want to miss this ​short live-action Calvin and Hobbes series​ produced by Diggs and his creative partner Rafael Casal, made before Hamilton was even a thing. It’s the escape from reality everyone needs from time to time.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Saldivar, a member of our planning team, in continuing our team spotlight series.

How long have you been with Obsidian?

I started last October. I’m part of the planning department. I work with Kelsey and Pam to do the reviews and help with other little projects that anyone needs in the office. I get to do a lot of everything. It makes every day a little bit different.

I was working with CPA firms for ten years, and then I wanted to do something a little bit different, have flexibility with my schedule, and work part-time. I started looking for those opportunities and ended up getting recruited by Obsidian.

I really enjoy my job and everyone I work with. They’ve been awesome. I’m blessed to have found this opportunity and have been able to do it even before everything turned upside down.

What is life like outside of work?

Right now, everything is a little limited. We try to get out as much as we can, to the river, or taking the jet ski to the lake. My son is trying to do the whole wakeboarding thing, so we’re trying to get him into that. I go for walks five days a week. I have a fourteen-year-old son who is about to start high school. He was looking forward to playing football and basketball. I also have an eight-year-old girl who is in the third grade. She just started swimming lessons. My son is in a strength and conditioning camp through his school. We’re keeping them busy and not so tied down to the house all day long.

How has COVID affected your work-life balance?

It hadn’t affected it too much because I was already working remotely. I wanted to be with my kids when they got home from school and go to their games without it being an issue. We all got more than we bargained for, with them being home and virtual school. Thankfully, they’re quiet and let me work, so it hasn’t been too big of a transition.

We have been doing more board games, and my kids are getting into tik tok and being silly with that. We’ve been going for a lot more walks since March; it’s become a habit–and a good one to have. I hope that will continue when things go back to normal. I’ve read some books, and we’re trying some new recipes. Overall, we’re trying to keep things a little bit normal and add some new stuff in the routines of our life.

Happy Weekend!

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