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Patrick Carroll

Obsidian Market Update 6/18/21

Obsidian Market Update 6/18/21

Obsidian Market Update 6/18/21

Hi friends!

We have some exciting news! is featuring Obsidian Business Planning Solutions! We’ll share the piece with you below after a quick check-in on the lumber industry.

As most of you are probably aware, the price of lumber has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. As a result, those building homes have found that they needed around an extra $30,000 in the budget to accommodate the increased price. That said, lumber futures posted their most significant weekly drop last week, and the price is still falling.

This is a supply and demand situation: the demand increased a great deal last year as folks decided to invest in building their dream home instead of other things people might do with their money in non-pandemic times, like travel. Because of this high demand, supply was strained, and sawmills increased their output. So there is still strong demand, but as it drops (mainly because buyers are balking at the continued high price of wood), the cost of lumber will too. And while the prices remain higher than they were pre-pandemic, it’s still a volatile market.

In fun news, we are thrilled to be the subject of a Forbes online piece that highlights what makes Obsidian unique. Our very own Todd Feldman, alongside our fearless leader Pat, was interviewed for the story. “It was an honor to be highlighted in the article,” Todd said. “Obsidian Planning Solutions is becoming a thought leader in the marketplace evidenced by their interest in us. It was a fun experience!” Make sure you check out the piece!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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