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Obsidian Market Update 4/30/21

Obsidian Market Update 4/30/21

Hello friends!

As a counterpoint to last week’s email about how the stock market is overperforming in some ways, we want to share some information about why there will likely be more volatility in the market. Then, for you wine lovers, we’ll tell you about some fun apps that help you pick out the perfect wine, journal wines you’ve tasted, and more.

Last week, we talked about why the S&P 500 has been performing well year to date. But several factors mean we can’t just assume there will never be another drop. Instead, there are four big reasons why we may see rises and falls going forward:

  • A global rise in COVID cases means that some countries may be heading back to total lockdown, which could spook the market.
  • With the rise in COVID variants, the lack of vaccine testing, and availability for those under 16 (or 18, depending on the vaccine), and the less than 100% take-up of the vaccine for those eligible means we will be living with COVID for quite some time–which doesn’t encourage anyone or boost stock prices.
  • The reopen narrative is also weakening–stocks related to travel, like United AirlinesNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings, and more are all down. The U.S. State Department has 80% of the world’s countries on a “do not travel” list because of their high rates of COVID.
  • Investors are questioning the economic recovery–not whether it will be strong because even the International Monetary Fund agrees it has been–but whether it has peaked or has room left to grow.

Remember, the market typically adjusts to risk after a rally, and no one can be absolutely sure what will happen next. That’s why we always keep your portfolios diversified with stocks and bonds to secure your future.

One fun thing some of us have been doing during the pandemic is trying new wines. Did you know many apps can help you choose, and some will even order wine for you? We thought we’d let you know about some good ones, in case there are any you’d like to try.

  • Bright Cellars was, like so many amazing things, developed by MIT grads. They use an algorithm and quiz results to select wine for you, and the app improves each time as you rate the wines you received. Wine Ring works similarly and also recommends gifts for other users you’re connected to on the app.
  • If you’re looking to learn more about wine, you might want to give Delectable a try. You can read reviews, follow top sommeliers and winemakers, and order wine from your phone. Vivino also lets you track what you’ve sipped and review, catalog, and purchase bottles. Tipple is terrific because you can take a picture of the label and get an analysis of what’s in your glass and a tasting note you can save or even share on social media.
  • Those of us who like to enjoy wine socially might appreciate apps like My Wine Society, which lets you connect with local wineries and wine lovers as well as plan a wine-centric trip. In addition, wine Events enable you to search for, well, wine events near and far, add them to your calendar and even find special discounts and other offers.

Whether you have wine or not, we hope you get to spend some time with loved ones this weekend. As always, we’ll see you next week.

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