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Obsidian Market Update 5/28/21

Obsidian Market Update 5/28/21

Obsidian Market Update 5/28/21

Hi friends!

Memorial Day Weekend came up fast! We can’t believe it’s already time for cookouts and pool parties. It’s also the time of year to finalize summer travel plans, so we want to hit on a few things to consider if you will be traveling this summer.

This summer is going to be one of keeping eyes open for deals because travel is already getting tricky. Unfortunately, many international travel options aren’t available this year because of the pandemic, so we’ll focus on domestic trips.


  • Some destinations have already sold out–people have booked rental cars and hotel rooms for the entire summer in popular destinations like Hawai’i.

  • Rental cars, in particular, are hard to find in a lot of places because many agencies sold off big chunks of their fleet to stay afloat last year.

  • There’s a shortage of flights, too–airlines cut routes last year, and they won’t come back overnight.


  • Be flexible on your dates, and remember that weekdays will be easier than weekends for reserving accommodations and flights.

  • If you’re looking for a Pacific getaway, try off-the-beaten-path locations in Baja, or San Diego, California.

  • If you’re traveling to Florida and Miami and Orlando are booked, try finding a spot on the Atlantic side, such as Jacksonville or Daytona Beach.

  • Look for a destination where you won’t have to drive much and take Uber or Lyft if you need to go somewhere. Or, of course, take a road trip.

  • Consider an urban destination. Not only will you likely be able to walk or take public transportation where you need to go, that’s also where you’ll probably find the most availability for accommodations.

Also be sure to check out the CDC’s detailed recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

Before we let you go for the beautiful long weekend, did you know that we help seniors make the transition into retired life? Last week, we helped a long-term client by easing her fears and giving her the confidence needed to make that transition for herself. Retirement planning is something we love to do with our clients years and even decades before they’re ready to retire, and nothing makes us happier than seeing someone take the leap to the next stage of their life with the assurance that they have what they need to enjoy their retirement.

Please share your photos with us! We love seeing your smiling faces on the TV in our lobby. And we’d love to update our slideshow. Would you like to share some photos of places you’ve been or things you’ve done over the last two or three years? Not traveling lately? No problem! Nature or scenic images are also welcome! To submit photos, simply reply to this email and attach the pictures. Please include your name, location, and date if known! Thank you 😊

With that, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We’ll catch you next week.

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