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Patrick Carroll

Obsidian Market Update 5/15/20

Obsidian Market Update 5/15/20

Obsidian Market Update 5/15/20

Good morning,

As some states, including Maryland, start to explore stage one reopen options, we thought we would share some thoughts on the state of the pandemic.

One trend we have been noticing is that everyone is learning a lot–a lot about the virus, and also a lot because of the virus. Many of us have learned how to slow down, how to bake bread, how to live a quieter life than we’ve been used to.

Some of us have learned to sew or are using our existing sewing skills to make face masks for community members and healthcare workers. Joann Fabric alone donated enough supplies to crafters to make 100 million masks in less than two months.

We have learned that our essential workers really are essential, and are heartened any time we see them acknowledged, as in the Clap Because We Care videos we shared with you a few weeks ago.

Tim Tiller, the security guard at the National Cowboy and Western History Museum, has entertained the nation in learning how to use social media. His delightful discovery of hashtags has brought 300,000 new followers to the museum’s Twitter and over 100,000 each to their Facebook and Instagram. His authenticity and candor has been a refreshing change of pace for many of his new fans.

Scientists have learned that sometimes the best way to quick results is a true collaboration, that setting aside ordinary rivalries between labs and companies really can make the world a better place very quickly.

We have also learned that following the stay at home practices, along with wearing masks and keeping our hands sanitized, has been very effective at flattening the curve. As we begin to look at the first phase of reopening in some Maryland counties, it’s good to remember what we have learned, and not throw caution to the wind, but look for ways to safely resume something that looks more like the way of life we’re used to.

We’re getting through this, and looking forward to moving into the next phase of recovery.

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