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Obsidian Weekly Update 5/6/2022

Hi friends!

It’s May! The spring-lover’s favorite month. This week, we’ll take a look at some principles of investing and then some facts about sunscreen. Let’s get to it!

One of the ways investors can build wealth is through compound interest: as your portfolio value increases, that increased value generates more growth, so growth compounds. But what’s important to remember is that all of that happens over time. *

In the short term–days, weeks–the financial markets are inherently volatile. This can be frustrating to watch if you want to see consistent gains. But even if just a few more days in the year are good than bad, the magic of compounding can work in your favor when you take the long view.

On a month-to-month view, the stock market has risen more than 60% of the time over the past 30 years, and 70% on an annual view. That’s good news, and means that monitoring your portfolio, and remaining disciplined, is the right call even in stretches of poor performance. We can never guarantee the future based on the past, of course, but the trends in every decade since the Great Depression show that there have been very few instances in which staying invested for 10 years has resulted in a negative performance, and none over a 20 year time frame.  Please source this paragraph.

In our opinion, what seems clear, then, is that predicting the Fed’s next moves or looking in a crystal ball for geopolitical implications isn’t what makes a successful investor. What can make a successful investor is patience, and realizing that long-term realities and short-term events are not necessarily the same thing. While the stock market can vary widely over short time frames, in the long run, things tend to trend upward). For us, the key is that your plan and portfolio are aligned with your financial plan, goals, and feelings. We are here to help guide you.

Spring is really here, and summer is right around the corner. We’re getting into the time of year that sunscreen really matters (although the experts tell us we should wear it year-round). We found some helpful facts about sunscreen that we didn’t know, so we thought we would share them with you!

  • There are two kinds–physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens are harder to rub in but easier on the skin, and chemical sunscreens are easier to rub in but can cause skin irritation in some people. Either way, make sure you pick a broad spectrum sunscreen so you get both UVA and UVB protection.
  • The higher the SPF, the better, up until SPF 50. After that, there’s not much difference.
  •  Sunscreens aren’t allowed to call themselves waterproof anymore, so look for water resistant if you’re going to be swimming.
  • Don’t forget your lips! Lots of lip balms out there have sun protection, and reapply often because the sunscreen on your lips will wear off much faster than anywhere else, especially if you’re eating, drinking, or swimming.
  • Protect tattoos and help scars heal but keeping them both protected with sunscreen.

We hope that you have lots of fun, safe time outside this spring!

That’s it for us this week. We’ll be back in your inboxes next Friday.

* Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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