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At Obsidian, we are proud to offer personalized services to hardworking business owners, including:


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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management to develop clear and actionable business continuity plans for managing unplanned situations.

  • Insurance Analysis
  • Continuity Instructions
  • Organizational Mapping
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Insurance Needs Analysis

Insurance needs analysis to review your personal and business insurance needs and ensure proper coverage and protection.

  • Insurance Analysis
  • Coverage Guidance
  • Proactive Planning
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investment real estate buying assessment

Real Estate Investment

With an analysis of your real estate investment portfolio we can design ways to help you diversify your wealth.

  • Buying Assessment
  • Sales Planning
  • Competent Management
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Succession Planning

Obsidian Business Planning Solutions develops clear and actionable business leadership succession plans for smooth business owner exits.

  • Ownership Analysis
  • Retirement Objectives
  • Owner Transition Timing
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wealth management future

Family Trust and Estate Planning

Obsidian provides comprehensive family trust and estate planning solutions to business owners that respect your wishes and preserve your personal and professional legacy.

  • Legacy Groundwork
  • Entity Setup
  • Estate Administration
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Wealth Management

Obsidian Planning Solutions helps owners and entrepreneurs manage their assets, real estate, and investments with confidence.

  • Financial Planning
  • Owner Transition Planning
  • Continuity Assessment
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