The Lifestyle Protector Process™

Created by Patrick Carroll, CFP®, The Lifestyle Protector Process™ is designed to help you navigate your personal financial plan, step-by-step. The ultimate goal of this valuable tool is to help you protect and grow your wealth, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Why Use the Lifestyle Protector Process™?

We created this process because many successful people have financial experience, but lack confidence in their ability to preserve their lifestyle for the future. Consider the following questions:
  • Do you have clear, written financial goals and the financial knowledge you need to manage your affairs optimally?
  • Do you have proper financial and estate plans in place?
  • Do you have a clear idea of your financial condition?
  • Do you know if you can afford to contribute to your community and/or charities in the future?
  • Are your investments appropriate for your needs?
  • Do you have money in low-yielding investments?
  • Will your children be left paying large amounts of estate tax?
  • Do you have enough of the right type of insurance?
  • Are you in danger of being taken advantage of by financial product sales people?
If you are uncertain about any of the above answers, the
Lifestyle Protector Process™ is designed to help you resolve any unresolved questions or lingering doubts about your financial future.

The Lifestyle Protector Process™ is designed to help you protect and grow your money, maintain your desired lifestyle, and preserve and enhance your family legacy. Using our four step process, we work with you every step of the way using our full suite of tools and experience gained over the past 26 years of working with our clients. We will help you understand your current situation, both strengths and weaknesses, and create a powerful vision for your future. We then look at any roadblocks standing in your way, develop strategies designed to overcome them, and review all of the tools to help you achieve your vision. As a member of the program, you will have clear written goals for the rest of your life along with a plan to help achieve your life goals.


The Results You Want

Once completed, regular meetings will be held to review your progress and keep you on track towards your goals. You will have more time to spend on your favorite activities and have renewed purpose and meaning in your life. More importantly, you will be able to protect and grow your money, maintain your desired lifestyle while preserving and enhancing your family legacy. For a FREE consultation, please call us at 301-990-4395 or email us at