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Weekly Market Update 1/21/2022

weekly market update

weekly market update

Weekly Market Update

Hello friends!

We hope all of you were safe during the snowstorm early this week–we’d love to see pictures of family fun in the snow if you’ve got some to share.

Before we get down to business this week, thank you to everyone who voted on the estate planning workshop. We’ll hold the virtual workshop on March 8 at 7:30 PM. Save the date! Registration info to follow.

As we’ve watched stocks fall at the start of the year in response to a hawkish Fed, we think it’s a good time to remind everyone that long-term investing means we don’t need to panic when policies shift or stocks give back some of their gains. So here are a few factors to consider when keeping all of this in perspective:

  • Remember that economic trends don’t know what year it is, so they don’t set new year’s resolutions. We think long-term; looking at years and decades and make informed tactical near-term adjustments when needed.
  • Even with equities retreating a bit, the stock valuations are still relatively high in general. Of course, valuations don’t predict short-term performance but give us a sense of what to expect. This market cycle is built on economic recovery and robust earnings growth. We do expect volatility to continue.
  • Short-term ups and downs are normal. Many people are paying closer attention due to news coverage of the Fed and inflation rates, and these variations are part of life for investors and nothing we haven’t seen before.

With the winter weather happening this week, we’ve been thinking about the winter blues, also known as seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. But, of course, winter can feel long and hard, and if you’re finding that you’re just not feeling yourself this time of year, don’t worry! You’re not crazy; you’re just likely dealing with a vitamin D deficiency.

We get most of our vitamin D from the sun, and with less sunshine this time of year, it’s harder to get that, especially those of us who work in offices and aren’t outside much during the day. So here are things that can help:

  • Take a vitamin D supplement (with calcium if you’re someone prone to bone density loss!). Ensure it’s USP certified and take it as instructed on the bottle. After taking vitamin D, some of us found an almost immediate turnaround in our moods.
  • If taking a supplement isn’t recommended for you, you can also get more vitamin D through a light box. You can set it up on your desk and turn it on for 20-30 minutes a day. The light mimics sunshine and can help manage seasonal depression.
  • Don’t forget self-care. Find things to look forward to every day, even if it’s just a quiet hour to read a good book.
  • Keep up your social connections. If it’s not safe to meet with your friends in person, a FaceTime call with your college bestie or a sibling can go a long way.
  • Finally, you could always speak to your doctor. They can help and assess whether you need a little more care.

Remember, there’s nothing at all wrong or weak about mental health care. It’s part of our health and thus an essential part of living a happy, thriving life.

That’s it for us this week! Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll see you back here soon.



How We Help:

Here at Obsidian, we relish the opportunity to be the “trusted” advisor to our clients and their families.  Recently, a business owner client of ours in Florida had the opportunity to sell her business and enter a new phase of life.  Her first call was to her Obsidian team.  We acted as her guide and helped her draft a counteroffer to the potential buyer.  Our advice revolved around the structure of the deal, potential tax implications, and most importantly making sure that she felt this big decision would indeed accomplish her life goals. We are delighted to be able to support, help, and guide so many people with some of the most important decisions they face in life.


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