Wealth Management for Families

Obsidian Personal Planning Solutions provides family wealth management services designed to protect your assets and preserve your lifestyle.


Understand and assume the risk management strategies that best fit your profile and goals.


Take the proper steps today to preserve your wealth so it can serve your family for generations to come.


Employ the legal and financial processes and documents that can help you protect your family.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Success

  • Do you worry about unforeseen events that could negatively impact your financial future?
  • Are you performing the due diligence that your success deserves?
  • Have you struggled with sifting through the multitude of financial and insurance tools and options that can help you reach your goals?

You’ve worked hard to achieve financial success. You’re entitled to reap the rewards. And the more proactive you are in creating plans to protect those rewards, the more you should be able to keep. We design our family wealth management services to do just that.

The financial world becomes increasingly complex every day. Unfortunately, this complexity makes it increasingly difficult to identify and adopt the strategies and timing that could help to preserve your wealth. However, you can rely on our guidance to help you develop a financial plan that helps you move forward.

Here’s how you can join other business owners who are confident about their wealth management.

Here’s how you could join other business owners who are confident about their real estate investments.


1. Schedule a Conversation

Your time is valuable, and we don't want to waste it. Let's get to know each other and see if there's a fit with a complimentary, no-obligation conversation.


2. Receive a Free Competitive Analysis

You will get a comprehensive analysis to show how your business compares to your competitors.


3. Review, Track, and Monitor Progress

You will have a dedicated planner, a process designed especially for busy owners, tailor-made strategies, and a timely follow-up to keep you on track.

Get the benefits of personalized guidance and a custom financial plan.

asset wealth management organization


We provide a carefully designed plan that empowers you to make better life decisions to reach your financial goals.

asset wealth management organization


Our financial professionals deliver the ongoing accountability and support you need to adapt and manage your financial plan.

asset wealth management organization


We rely on years of applied experience to help our clients select the tactics and tools with the best chance to grow their wealth.

Preserve your Lifestyle and Legacy

Your family is your greatest inspiration and your most precious asset. You want to make sure you can share and protect the lifestyle you’ve worked to provide for them. Our family wealth management services help you design a comprehensive plan that can help you do just that.

It all starts with a personal and financial assessment. First, you need to understand your risk profile, your motivations, and your goals. Then you need to perform a complete inventory of your income, assets, and liabilities so you know what you’re working with. Our Lifestyle Protector Program elicits and arranges this information so you can use it to make better financial decisions.

The most successful and fulfilling financial plans are the ones that consider all of the ingredients of and impediments to success. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be objective about your tendencies and resources. When you work with Obsidian, you’ll receive an impartial perspective founded on more than three decades of wealth management experience. This unbiased outlook provides you with more confidence in your ability to manage your future.

Financial management requires discipline. You’ll need to rely on your plan and review it regularly to make assessments and adjustments. Our ongoing support gives you a level of understanding and accountability that can help you develop and maintain the proper habits.

Your wealth can serve you faithfully for years to come, and you need to be proactive to protect and care for it. Obsidian Planning family wealth management services help you outline the proper steps and stay on a path that will protect your lifestyle and legacy.

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