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Obsidian Market Update 12/2/2022

Hi friends!


This week, we’re taking a look at what the Fed officials are saying about the persistence of inflation. Then, we’ve found some great post-Black Friday deals for you!


We might have some tentative good news: the Fed thinks inflation may have peaked. This is great, but it’s not over yet. We may see some more rate increases, potentially at a slower pace, and we do expect volatility in the stock market to continue into next year.


Prices also remain high, which is tough for a lot of people going into the holidays. We’re still seeing inflation at about a 7.7% annual rate, which is far above the more norm of 3%. It’s also important to remember that a slower pace of rate hikes is much different than lowering the rates. If you’re interested in how this will affect your portfolios, first, remember that we keep them balanced with an eye on the long-term; and second, we’re always here for you, so just give us a call.


Here are some lingering deals from Black Friday!



That’s it for us this week! Enjoy the holiday, and we’ll be back in your inboxes next Friday.


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