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Obsidian Market Update 7/29/2022

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This week, we’ll take a look at why it makes sense to stick it out with investing even when your experience has been difficult- especially recently. Then, we’ve got some great wine pairings to consider for your next cookout.


The current market environment is making many investors uncomfortable right now, and it’s worth remembering that sticking it out through the tough moments is what creates wealth for investors in the long run. No reward without risk, right?


Here are three facts to keep in mind when the investing times are volatile and tough:


  • On a monthly or yearly basis, the market might look rough, but zoom out: the S&P has gained 65% in the past three years, 22% since early 2020, and 79% since the low point of the pandemic. The overall trend is good. A good way to handle challenging markets is to stay invested.
  • Investment professionals like to say that market volatility is normal–because it is. The stock market can swing wildly even without much prompting. And again, the trends are going the right way, and stock investors are rewarded when they tolerate the levels of risk associated with their asset allocation.
  • The fundamentals still matter the most. Valuations and earnings are more important than headlines, geopolitical events, or politics when it comes to the stock market. A strong economy will keep the stock market moving forward.


Questions or concerns about your own portfolio? You know what to do: give us a call.


It’s backyard cookout season, and we know you want to serve your guests the best. While beer might seem the obvious beverage, James Beard-award winning sommelier David Lynch says that wine is actually the way to go. Check out this piece for specific wine suggestions, and keep these guidelines in mind:


  • Light to medium bodied reds like Beaujolais for a good old fashioned barbecue, spicy ribs, pulled pork, steak, or grilled vegetables.
  • Fuller bodied red wines for a grilled ribeye or a smokier barbecue sauce.
  • Regardless of the red wine you choose, keep it cool–around 50-55 degrees–for the best flavor. It’s okay to put it in the cooler with the beer and sodas.
  • You don’t need fancy glassware to serve the wine, especially when the menu will be lots of messy finger-foods.
  • The weather matters, too. The hotter outside, the lighter the wine.


We hope this helps! Have a great time grilling, and we’ll be back in your inboxes next Friday.


How We Help


One thing we have learned after decades in this business is that the difficult conversations are the ones we need to have the most, and we know the same is true for all of you. That’s why we like to meet with families regularly to get everyone on the same page about things that are hard to talk about, like who is playing what role in your medical and financial decision making. It’s easy to want to keep these plans private out of concern for other peoples’ feelings or not wanting to bring up difficult topics, but your loved ones want to always make the best decisions for you. The best way to empower them to do that is to have a regularly updated plan that everyone knows about.


At Obsidian, we can help facilitate those family conversations and turn them into actions. We can talk together with your family to ensure everyone knows what their role is in terms of decision making, who is serving as backup, and help everyone feel comfortable with the plan. Sometimes these decisions need to be revisited, like if an adult child moves far away or their own circumstances change, and that’s okay! We are here to keep the dialogue open and ongoing. If you need to start or reopen these conversations with your family, give us a call and we will make sure you all have everything you need to set up the best plan for you.


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